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“We have known Daria for more than 25 years and her love for God and others shines through her vibrant personality. Daria has the God given talent and ability to motivate and inspire individuals and audiences with her uplifting messages. We highly recommend Daria for your next motivational, inspirational, uplifting and exciting event.”

Dan & Marcella Barrett, Dayton OH

As the founder of SISTER TO SISTER—an empowerment event for women—I am always in search of presenters who can encourage, empower and affirm the participants who attend the conference. Ms. Stone was a presenter at our 2012 conference and based on the response and feedback from the women who attended her session, she was invited back for our 20th Anniversary conference which was held in September of 2013. At that time, SISTER TO SISTER was recognized as one of the longest running women’s conference in the United States, and I can honestly say that the overwhelming success of that particular conference was because of presenters like Ms. Stone. Any organization that is looking for a speaker, workshop leader or personal/professional development consultant, would be well served by Ms. Daria Dillard Stone.

Karen Townsend, Ph.D, KTownsend Consulting

As long as I have known Daria Dillard Stone she has been an active member in the community while teaching, nurturing, serving and ministering to women. I have had the opportunity to experience one of her outstanding and moving motivational presentations at a Women’s Conference. She was spiritual and anointed and touched from the heart. She gives of herself as she continues to support and mentor young women while they explore their own potential. This endorsement is well deserved.

Linda J. Hawkins, Author and Founder of Savvy Health Coaching

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She came with a message full of power and promise. She sang over us with her beautiful voice. She loved on me the minute our Facebook friendship became a real life sisterhood in the airport when we met for the first time. She put her luggage down, embraced me, kissed my cheek and called me her “baby”. She truly had me at hello. I told Deidra…if Gene’s mom had not died when he was 5, I believe my mother-in-law would’ve been just like Ms. Daria. 

She spoke truth into our hearts this weekend…from the stage, at lunch and anywhere she walked and that’s not an exaggeration. Friday we were in the lodge for FIVE minutes and as I was checking the speakers into their rooms at the front desk, she and another speaker we’re praying over a woman sitting in the lobby. 

She left her mark in Nebraska and I’m forever grateful God gave her to us. I’m thankful her family lent her to us. If airline tickets weren’t electronic now days she would’ve found a ripped up ticket in her purse this morning because I was trying to keep her. Mama D. Thank you. I love you and am so grateful for you. Please come back soon. 

Lelia Chealey, Founder/CEO

Refresh My Heart Ministries, Nebraska

I was just telling my husband today how Miss Daria lit up the room as soon as she came in! It was such an amazing weekend and Daria most definitely helped set that tone! That whole place was just rockin with the Holy Spirit this weekend – and I loved it!! Thank you all so much for fanning the flames of the fire inside me! Love you all my sisters. 

Ellen Marie Mortenson, On Air Announcer at KCNI/KBBN Radio & Regional Correspondent

You are an amazing woman Daria Dillard Stone – a woman given a mission. What an honor. I love our generation. We know who we are and we don’t intend to step aside. We are the first generation to say “we’re not going to roll over and play dead.” As Cher would say ” that’s like telling the Rolling Stones “OK, you’ve had your time in the sun. Now go put some plaid shorts on and play golf”. Thank you Daria for fulfilling your mission in life even when it would he easier to just kick back!! You are making a DIFFERENCE in precious lives!

Jeanne Porter, Founder Women in Business Networking
and primary author of “Success – powered by relationships 

 Ms Daria: Your words from Refresh My Heart have lived with me since the retreat. And you were the last person I hugged before I left. For the rest of the day, every once in a while, I would smell your perfume and it just was such a vivid reminder of the weekend: sweet, powerful and personal.”

Debbie Heywood Klutz Refresh My Heart Women’s Conf in Nebraska

I wanted to take this overdue moment to sincerely thank you for the monumental effect you inflicted on our congregation for Women’s Day at St Timothy MB Church on May 20, 2012. The ladies are still conversing about that morning. 

Thank you for your kind thoughts and beautiful gift(s) you gave that day as well. Continue in the spirit of Christ our Redeemer for Salvation is the only way through HIM. Love you for you are a joy. 

Your sister in Christ with AGAPE Love, 
Carol Buggs

I just wanted to say thank you for being a friend to me in Christ Jesus and a spiritual mother…I love you and keep on sharing and caring Powerful Woman of God !!! 
I love you!
Angela Lay

What can I say!! What can I say…. but that God is doing something real in these last days. You are blessed by God in your messages, and He has an audience set in place for these messages. Later down the road…possibly around the first of the year I can go into more detail ( as God permits). But! know this…there are a lot of hurting people especially women who live and operate out of F.E.A.R ( false evidence appearing real ) a true plot from satan. Praise God for his timely message through his servant by the name of Daria Dillard Stone. Be Blessed My Sister In Christ! 

Karen Williams 
SCM Christian Web Radio- 
The Real Business Network & Design Group 
Real People Interlocking the Path To Success! 

This is my first time sharing on your website and I thought it was fitting to use this venue to share my thoughts about you to you. Just sitting here thinking about what to type brings tears to my eyes. I am truly blessed and honored to have come across your path at such a time as this. I can say that it is to my disadvantage that I have not yet used all of the tools that you have been planting within me over the course of our relationship. However, because of your encouraging words, my re-recognition of the power of the Holy Spirit within me, and my renewed desire to persevere, along with several other factors, I am rising above the negative self talk and self hatred. I have realized that even worse than an abusive spouse is and abusive self and I have been beating and battering Letecia for too long. It is (was) affecting my ability to live and fulfill the purpose God has for me. I am soooo thankful that he does not see me the way I see myself. 

Thank you for your life and transparency of it. You are who you are because of the experiences, mishaps, and triumphs of your past, present, and future. Your ability to embrace who you are in spite of is inspiring to me and soooo many others. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being obedient, humble, and determined to please God. 

You truly have taught me things that I feel I missed out on throughout my life and you never once judged me for not knowing some of the things I “should” have known. I value your presence in my life and I’m grateful for the long lasting relationship that we have. 

I love you dearly (to the best of my ability) and thank you again!!! (especially for having my back on the job when I fell short) May God continue to pour out blessings upon blessings that you won’t have room for!!! 

Testimony from a dear friend

What a blessing this is! I’m sorry to say that this is actually the first time that I have really visited the entire site. Your ability to follow God’s vision to become all that He has for you inspires me. You are truly special! The Lord is blessing you and me through you, right now!
Be blessed, and 

Be in touch!
Cousin Terri

I love what God is doing on your site. I especially agree with the fact that people won’t come to church, so we have to bring it to them. Daria, stay blessed and focused – you know the enemy doesn’t want this site to grow. Prepare your provisions for this journey!

Kevin Byrd

Thank you for sharing the info about Sharing Ministries. It takes us all to help build God’s Kingdom. Looks like you’re on the right track. Keep up the good work. May God Bless you!!!

Alma Mays

On behalf of all of us at DAALI, we thank you for your work on the committee and as mc at the annual meeting. You were superlative as usual. You have been gifted to bring us to another level. I am sure God is pleased with you.

Judge Bill C Littlejohn
Dayton African American Legacy Institute

Daria’s continual focus to serve others is what makes her unique. Daria often exerts more effort than the job asked for. I’ve seen her on evenings teaching parents how to make good choices for their children. I’ve seen her on Saturdays managing every detail of conferences designed to bring people together. I’ve seen her hugs of joy and tears of concern. Daria is someone who invests all of herself into people. 

John Meixner, CEO
Netdemics, LLC 

I have known Daria for over 10 years. I became acquainted with Daria in the early 2000’s when we were both fighting for America’s children. We had had some success in Washington, DC working with parents and Daria invited me to come and speak to parents in Dayton. During that time, I found her to be committed to whatever she puts her mind to supporting…i.e. working with parents, supporting students. She is loving and caring and makes you feel that whatever your cause she is there to support you. She is hard working and goes above the call of duty to do the best job possible. Over the time that I have known her, I have witnessed tremendous growth in Daria and am certain that the skills and abilities she has developed will allow her to excel at any job. 

Virginia Walden Ford
Executive Director
Arkansas Parent Network