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Built on a foundation of faith and integrity, Sharing Ministries helps women from all walks of life to develop character, clarity, and courage by offering spiritual guidance, educational resources, business connections, and moral support. 

“Sharing Ministries, through the spirit and service of Daria, has been invaluable in lifting, encouraging, and supporting others’ growth and development.  I have quietly observed her authenticity, transparency, and ability to relate to anyone in any social circle- from the bruised and battered to the budding and becoming.  She has an uncanny skill of connecting pain to purpose and power. 

You cannot be in her presence without becoming better, challenged, and changed.  She has been a part of not only my personal Inflight but the metamorphosis of sisters of all shades as they transition to their next level.” 

Stacey M Lawson, Inflight

“I have known Daria for over 10 years. I became acquainted with Daria in the early 2000’s when we were both fighting for America’s children. We had had some success in Washington, DC working with parents and Daria invited me to come and speak to parents in Dayton. During that time, I found her to be committed to whatever she puts her mind to supporting…i.e. working with parents, supporting students. She is loving and caring and makes you feel that whatever your cause she is there to support you. She is hard working and goes above the call of duty to do the best job possible. Over the time that I have known her, I have witnessed tremendous growth in Daria and am certain that the skills and abilities she has developed will allow her to excel at any job.” 

Virginia Walden Ford
Executive Director
Arkansas Parent Network

“I wanted to take this overdue moment to sincerely thank you for the monumental effect you inflicted on our congregation for Women’s Day at St Timothy MB Church on May 20, 2012. The ladies are still conversing about that morning. 

Thank you for your kind thoughts and beautiful gift(s) you gave that day as well. Continue in the spirit of Christ our Redeemer for Salvation is the only way through HIM. Love you for you are a joy.” 

Your sister in Christ with AGAPE Love, 
Carol Buggs

“This is my first time sharing on your website and I thought it was fitting to use this venue to share my thoughts about you to you. Just sitting here thinking about what to type brings tears to my eyes. I am truly blessed and honored to have come across your path at such a time as this. I can say that it is to my disadvantage that I have not yet used all of the tools that you have been planting within me over the course of our relationship. However, because of your encouraging words, my re-recognition of the power of the Holy Spirit within me, and my renewed desire to persevere, along with several other factors, I am rising above the negative self talk and self hatred. I have realized that even worse than an abusive spouse is and abusive self and I have been beating and battering Letecia for too long. It is (was) affecting my ability to live and fulfill the purpose God has for me. I am soooo thankful that he does not see me the way I see myself.” 

“On behalf of all of us at DAALI, we thank you for your work on the committee and as mc at the annual meeting. You were superlative as usual. You have been gifted to bring us to another level. I am sure God is pleased with you.”

Judge Bill C Littlejohn
Dayton African American Legacy Institute

“Daria’s continual focus to serve others is what makes her unique. Daria often exerts more effort than the job asked for. I’ve seen her on evenings teaching parents how to make good choices for their children. I’ve seen her on Saturdays managing every detail of conferences designed to bring people together. I’ve seen her hugs of joy and tears of concern. Daria is someone who invests all of herself into people.”

John Meixner, CEO
Netdemics, LLC 

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